Exhibition Stall design Ideas


There are different ways of marketing and promoting your business. Some of the marketing ways are more traditional and some other have gone digital. Every strategy has its own benefits. One such marketing tool for promoting your business is exhibitions.

Exhibitions have become a great platform to directly interact with your existing and potential customers. It is one of the best ways to interact and form networks that will prove beneficial for your business. The exhibition is one such event that helps you to deal with your other businesses as well as your customers.

There are a lot of exhibitions being held in different parts of the world related to different industries. Usually, you will find one particular industry only in one exhibition. You will rarely find different products or industries under one roof in an exhibition.

Now how do you make sure that people visit your stall in the exhibition?

You will a number of stalls dealing with similar products and industries. Now how can you attract customers to your stall? For all these, you need to have an attractive exhibition stall or an exhibition stand. It all depends on the area that you have booked for your business.

Exhibition stalls are an effective medium to communicate your business and its brand to the visitors. There are various exhibition stall design ideas that you can opt for. You will find a lot of vendors dealing in the exhibition stands and stalls.

You need to make your stall attractive, colorful, representing your brand by having the logo and the business name. Apart from the stand, you also need to have interesting banners, display stands, literature rack, and tabletop display in your stall to attract visitors and customers.

Customized exhibition stands are the recent trend and the popular one in the exhibition event. If you have a bigger space in the exhibition area, then you can come up with a number of exhibition stall design ideas. A vendor can help you to come up with different ideas and drawings of the stand based on the area. They will give you a complete 3D look of the stand with the branding on it. You will have various options from the vendor. You then can choose and decide based on the costing, area, look, branding elements on the stand and the styling and design of the stand.

There are other types of exhibitions stands that you can use in case if you do not have a large space. You can have other types of exhibition stall design ideas. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Pop up stand: This can be used to cover your entire back walls to changes the look and to give a professional touch to it.
  2. Banner stand: You can have roll up banners and wall banners that can be used in your stall. You can communicate your brand in these banners. It is a very cost-effective method.
  3. Catalogue stand: Folding catalog stands can help you to keep your brochures and catalogs in the rack which is easy for the customers to pick up and look.
  4. Podium and counters: You can have customized podiums which will have your branding on the counters where you can place your products.

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